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George Larson's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

George was born to Victor Berti and Helen C Keegan on July 25, 1956. Later on his parents divorced and he was adopted by William Larson when his mother remarried. George was 1 of 5 boys: Don Larson & Robert Larson were his brothers from his mothers first marriage. William Larson Jr and Richard Larson are his brothers from his mother's second marriage. Since his family was working class he understood the importance of hard work and saving. As a child, he would work as many jobs at once as he could so he could save up for college. When he was older he still worked multiple jobs at once just so he could have a better life. His mother, unfortunately, took his life savings so he had to start all over but eventually, with the help of his wife and parents in law went to college and started a Heating and Air Conditioning business all while working at Acme Steele. It's hard to sum up a person's life so here's some highlights of the most important to him: Aug 16,1980 Married Debra Kilander May 26, 1981 daughter Janet was born June 16, 1982 son Gregory was born July 19, 2009, grandson Ilan was born February 18, 2013, granddaughter Khaleesi was born. Dad lived for his family. He showed us what hard work, determination and dedication looked like. Not only was he a hard worker but he was kind, generous, loving, smart, hilarious and compassionate. He loved you with his entire being and would go out of his way to make you happy. He will be deeply missed.